Linda Lenssen (°1984 Venray, The Netherlands) departs from her fascination for concepts like 'fullness' and 'presence'. Where these concepts are entering the field of abstraction and immateriality, she tries to find a physical counterpart for these facts. She searches for aesthetic strategies to deal with the impossibility of showing an open experience since every showing is a showing of something. She uses dualities within phenomenal reality to bridge the distance between notions such as here and there, present and absent, yesterday and today, the abstract and the concrete. The desire to unite these dualities is motivated by the experience that energy, harmony and compassion derives from an open experience. The elusiveness and immeasurability of this zero point can only be answered with a being underway, a not yet and a just not, a gap, an attempt, a 'betrachtung'. Her works can be seen as moments in which the principle of the difference is solved and we can forget ourselves for a moment.

Linda Lenssen holds an MA in Visual Art (2012, KASK The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Ghent) and has taken part in exhibitions such as FRIS IX, curated by Jan Colle – Entrepot Fictief, Ghent (2012, BE), THE RESEARCH AND DESTROY DEPARTMENT OF BLACK MOUNTAIN COLLEGE, curated by Jean Bernard Koeman – W139, Amsterdam (2012, NL), ACSA SHOW – Autocenter Space for Contemporary Art, Berlin (2013, DE), PROSPECTS & CONCEPTS - Mondriaan Fund shows talent, curated by Mirjam Westen – Van Nelle Fabriek, Art Rotterdam (2014, NL), TIME/SUBJECT/SPACE, curated by Stijn van Dorpe – Expoplu, Nijmegen (2014, NL), MARL MEDIA ART AWARD, Museum Glaskasten Marl (2014, DE), MY RESPECTS TO MADAME BERNARD, curated by Isabel Cordeiro and André Martens, MoMart Amsterdam (2015, NL), ALLES ZWIJGT, solo exhibition at CIAP, Hasselt (2015, BE), PERFORMANCE VOYAGE VI - WORLD TOUR (2016, FI, DE, GR, PL, DO, SE), PLAYHOUSE, curated by Sjors Bindels, Museum Van Bommel Van Dam, Venlo (2017, NL), LIGHT, curated by Tom Albrecht and Maria Korporal, Projectspace of Group Global 3000, Berlin (2017, DE), WEIL ICH EIN MÄDCHEN BIN, curated by Pascalle Mansvelders, Odapark center for contemporary art, Venray (2018, NL), FILM AS IDEA, FILM AS FILM, FILM AS ART, ARTUM Foundation, Bobrowice (2019, PL), CICA EXPERIMENTAL FILM AND VIDEO 2019, Czong Institute for Contemporry Art Museum, Gyeonggi-do (2019, KR), LOOP Festival, CAGE Barcelona (2019, SP), ON CHANGING YOUR MIND, Institute Cervantes, Dublin (2019, IE). She participated in artists-in-residence programmes at SÍM Residency, Reykjavík (2012, IS), Autocenter, Berlin (2013, DE), Residencia Corazón, Buenos Aires (2013, AR), L'Artocarpe Contemporary Art, Le Moule (2014, GP), WARP Artist Village, Brughes (2015, BE), DESTINATION UNKNOWN, Maastricht (2017, NL). She received a young talent grant of Mondriaan Fund (2013), is laureate of the residency grant of the French Ministry of Culture (2014), is nominated for the Marl Media Art Award (2014) and is honoured by a grant of Stichting Stokroos (2018).